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“InnoSolution Mart” of 金年会 2020 Calls for Participation

"Street/night stall economy" is now strongly supported by e-commerce leaders. For example, recently Alibaba released the "Stall Economy" support plan, JD.com launched the "Spark of fire" street stall promotional program, Suning came up with the "Night Stall Partner" support plan, and Tencent’s WeChat Pay announced its “Small Shop Promotional Program” for over 50 million small and micro merchants using the platform. Moreover, in the just concluded 金年会 Beer KOL Cloud Talks, Dr. Dong Jianjun from Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd. mentioned that "the night stall economy" is injecting new vitality into the beer industry.


Why is the "night stall economy" so popular?

金年会 attributes the booming of night stall economy to three reasons: first, the face-to-face communication with customers will cement their stickiness; second, faster new customer acquisition makes new customer maintenance convenient; third, fast formation of an ecosystem that connects the stall owners close to each other into business partners.


InnoSolution Mart plan calls for your participation now!

To promote the transition of the beverage and liquid food industry from “reworking and reopening” to “survival and development”, 金年会 2020 will establish an InnoSolution Mart at the International Halls. It features both innovative online and offline trade solutions from selected wine, beverages, and milk and dairy product enterprises. And in an attempt to share regional resources, promote industry development, and facilitate easier communication, the Mart integrates innovative technologies, new product releases, creative packaging and other personalized solutions at one location. The "InnoSolution Mart” features three major themes: beer/liquor, water/beverage, and dairy products.


Four reasons why you should join in the InnoSolution Mart

1. High cost efficiency – low investment, high return

The smaller booth size allows for a controlled budget for promotional plans before, during and after the exhibition, while at the same time offering the visitor resources and exposure inside the exhibition halls.

2. Flexible resource sharing - Agglomerative Effect

The InnoSolution Mart congregates the strengths and resources of the selected enterprises and major brands. With a high degree of flexibility, their synergy will generate more than simply pooling their efforts together.

3. Customer stickiness - keep customers connected

The Mart provides opportunities of sustaining your offline connection to customers such as the alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, dairy products and other enterprises in the beverage and liquid food industry, so as to maintain their customer stickiness.

4. Location and image - strategic location

Located in the center of the exhibition hall, the Mart is easily accessible to the target customers. With a personalized minimalist booth style, it is going to attract more visitors.



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